These general conditions of service vehicles subject TORRENOVA RENT A CAR, SL (hereinafter "General Conditions") govern any vehicle reservation made through the website (hereinafter "Website") owned by TORRENOVA RENT A CAR, SL Entered in the commercial register of Palma de Mallorca, CIF B57051823 and residing at Av. Pedro Vaquer 8 local 11 Magalluf – Calviá – Mallorca.

It is desirable that the user of the reservation (hereinafter "User") read the General Conditions as a step towards the realization of any reservation. The user is exposed through the Web page the General Conditions, to be read, printed, filed and accepted, the user can not complete the booking of the vehicle without such consultation has occurred and acceptance. The User always has these General Terms in a visible and freely accessible on the Website.

Acceptance of the General Conditions means that the user: you have read, understood and accepted the General Conditions, if not agree with any part of the General Conditions should not continue the booking process.

The procedures to follow to conduct a reserve are those described in these General Conditions as well as those specific other showing on the screen during navigation, so that the user acknowledges and accepts these procedures as necessary to book this vehicle.

User acknowledges and accepts that TORRENOVA RENT A CAR, SL is not responsible for any harm that may arise from any errors, delays in access by the User at the time of entering your data in the reservation form, any anomaly that may arise when the inability to complete the reservation is due to problems in the Internet, causes of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure and other unforeseen contingencies external

to the good faith of TORRENOVA RENT A CAR, likewise TORRENOVA RENT A CAR is committed to solving the problems that may arise and provide the necessary support the user in order to Arrival in a speedy and satisfactory.

Booking Service vehicles

To use the vehicle reservation Users must be over 21 years and have a minimum of driving 2 years at the time of booking.

To complete the reservation service vehicles will require the user to:

-Select the backup data (location and dates of pick up and drop off).
-Click "Search"
-Select the category of vehicle to stay and accessories.
-Click "Book"
-Complete fields of personal data form.
-Reading and acceptance of these General Conditions.>
-Click "Continue"

-Introduction of credit card data.

-Click "Continue"
-Screen confirmation and payment of the reservation.

Following the completion of the booking process the user will receive on your email account an e-mail with the details of the booking made.

This online booking system (whether the reservation is confirmed or not) is not a car rental contract. To be entered into the lease of the User must sign the Rental Agreement when the user withdraws his vehicle at the agreed place.

TORRENOVA RENT A CAR ensures vehicle class, never a color, make or model in particular.

Reserve exists only when the user enters the necessary data on the Website and confirmed the reservation and paid.

Once the user has completed the booking process mentioned above, it should print the electronic confirmation showing the booking details. This confirmation is the basis of the contract for the reservation. User acknowledges that it is your responsibility to print and check the booking confirmation and ensure that all details are correct.

The confirmation or voucher must be presented upon delivery of the vehicle as proof of reservation and prepayment.

TORRENOVA RENT A CAR reserves the right to refuse signing the lease to persons:
-Children under 21 years at time of booking is complete.
-Do not have valid driving license with original older than 2 years.
-That at the time of collection of the vehicle are in a state that could pose a danger while driving to themselves or others.
-That they can not meet the payment terms or bonds required.
-Do not meet the conditions for the delivery of the vehicle.

Rates are valid for this service which at any time be available in the Website, these may vary according to season and office delivery of the vehicle.

TORRENOVA RENT A CAR reserves the right to amend these General Conditions at any time without prior notice to the User, in any case, is the sole responsibility for review as a prerequisite and essential to the rent of vehicles available through this website.


Conditions for delivery vehicle

The customer must provide the time to formalize the contract of the vehicle the original driving permit valid for the countries of the European Union and a credit card.

The reserved vehicle will be delivered to the lessee or the licensee, previously identified, provided the tenant or person authorized to deliver the reservation voucher.

The confirmation voucher is the guarantee for payment of your reservation. Torrenova Rent A Car reserves the right to not deliver the vehicle if the document is not provided. The client in this case expressly waiving any claim for damages.

The delivery staff will collect data from a credit card, the holder must be present is a guarantee only and will not be used except in special cases specified in this same subject.

Deliveries in the airport and port between 21 and 8am. take a supplement for overnight delivery.


The cancellations by the client are not subject to a penalty provides that written notice and with more than 72 hours notice, if less than 72 hours apply 100% penalty of the amount paid by confirmation fee. No show's will pay 100% of reservation, without recourse. The customer agrees that such penalties will be debited on the card for payment contribution.

If the recovery of the reservation, by credit / debit is denied by your bank, your reservation will be canceled automatically, the voucher would be invalid, the client expressly waiving any claim for damages, being that the charges will be debited in the customer's card with the amount indicated in the previous paragraph.

Use of the vehicle

The renter receives the vehicle to be rented in perfect working order and undertakes to keep it in such condition and to drive it in accordance with the Highway Code.

The following are expressly prohibited:

 a. Transporting people or goods if this directly or indirectly implies the sub-leasing of the vehicle.
 b. Driving the vehicle by any of the unauthorized persons listed overleaf.
 c. Driving the vehicle off road
 d. Driving the vehicle when in no fit condition due to alcohol, drugs, tiredness or illness.
 e. Towing or pushing any other vehicle, whether or not a trailer or wheeled object is used.
 f. Practicing sports events, training of any type, or resistance tests on the car's materials, accessories or products.
 g. Transporting more passengers than the number of places indicated on the vehicle's technical inspection card.
 h. Interfering with the milometer.
 i. Taking the vehicle off the island.
 j. Using the vehicle for criminal ends.

- Any infraction of these conditions authorizes the rental company to immediately take back the vehicle without the need for justification or compensation.
 - The vehicle insurance does not cover accidents or damage caused by the breach of any of these terms and conditions, and therefore the customer will be solely responsible for any incident.


The insurance agreed by the rental company covers the renter and drivers authorized under this contract for civil liability (damage to third parties) to a limited amount, bail and any legal defense that may be required by the driver. Loss and robbery as well as damage caused to equipment transported inside the rented vehicle are excluded from the insurance cover.

Partial protection against damage to the vehicle itself (CDW): CDW is not insurance; it is optional protection that partially exempts the customer from financial responsibility for damage to the vehicle, collision or acts of vandalism, with the contract specifying the amount for which the customer is responsible.

By accepting to pay for super CDW+TP, the customer is exempt from financial responsibility for damage to the vehicle or for robbery. The cost of this protection varies according to the car group.

Under no circumstances does the insurance cover the following:
- Damage, loss, breakage or theft of the vehicle's keys or remote central locking; in the event of loss of these, the customer must pay for the costs of replacement (key, remote central locking and transport).
- Any damage caused to tyres, wheel rims and hub caps will always be the responsibility of the customer.
- Refuelling with wrong fuel. The customer will be responsible for the costs of emptying and cleaning the tank and fuel circuit due to incorrect refuelling.

In the event to accident

The renter will adopt the following measures in the event of accident:

a) Do not recognise or prejudge responsibility for the incident.
b) Obtain full details from the other party, and complete the mutual declaration of accident report.
- Names and addresses of people involved in the accident along with possible witnesses.
- Place, date and time of the accident.
- License plate(s) of the vehicle(s) involved in the accident, insurance company (companies) and policy number(s).
- Attach to this declaration any police or court report, where there is any.
c) Do not abandon the vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect and safeguard it.
d) Immediately notify Torrenova Rent A Car of the incident.

In the event of accident, the customer will not have the right to a replacement vehicle or the return of any payment made.

Charges for rental, extension and return

In addition to charges and taxes relating to the rental of the vehicle, the renter agrees to pay all charges for the loss of documents, tools and accessories as well as any fine, towing away, legal costs due to driving offences or infringement of road safety or regulations that all drivers must comply with.

If the customer wishes to retain the rented vehicle for longer than the time established in the contract, he must inform Torrenova Rent A Car and sign a new agreement with payment of the corresponding amount. The vehicle will be returned in the place and on the date stipulated overleaf. Any change in this respect must be previously authorized by Torrenova Rent A Car. Non-compliance with this condition will entitle the rental company to require the legal return of the vehicle. Furthermore, the agreed rate at the start of the rental is conditional upon the vehicle being returned at the place and on the date specified.

The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the start of the rental. Should the customer return the vehicle with less fuel, he agrees to pay the amount corresponding to the difference.

The insurance stops being valid on the date and time agreed for the return of the vehicle. Therefore, any subsequent use without a contractual extension to the rental incurs criminal responsibility, and the customer will be solely responsible for any accident, formal complaint or damage caused as a result of using the vehicle.

By formalizing this contract, the customer confirms that he accepts that the services contracted are charged to his credit/debit card.

Invoices are issued in euros.

Child safety/restraint Systems

Approved child safety/restraint systems are available to customers who request them. By signing this rental contract, the renter assumes responsibility for requesting, installing and using these accessories inside the vehicle, as well as the ages of children that correspond to each child safety/restraint system; the rental company is totally exempt from responsibility for any damage and/or harm that may be suffered from using these systems.                                                                                    


Torrenova Rent A Car's prior authorization must be sought before any repairs are carried out to the vehicle, components changed or the vehicle towed.


The customer is responsible for the costs of petrol or fuel used during the rental period.

Rental company’s responsibility

The vehicle is up to date with obligatory reviews under applicable technical inspection of vehicles regulations; and consequently Torrenova Rent A Car will assume no responsibility for direct or indirect losses that the customer may incur due to unforeseen breakdown.


In accordance with that set out in Organic Law 15/1999 de on Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your personal information will be included in a file under the responsibility of Torrenova Rent a Car sl, for the purpose of fulfilling the commitments deriving from the relationship we maintain with you. Further, we inform you that you can exercise your rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition by writing to our address: Av. Pedro Vaquer, 8 Local 11 – 07181 Magalluf (Illes Balears). While you do not inform us to the contrary, we will take it that your details have not been modified, that you promise to notify us of any variation and that we have your consent to use them for the purpose of creating a relation of loyalty between the parties. We also request your consent to communicate the details to other companies whenever this communication is necessary in order to execute this contract or when this may bring about an improvement in the relationship between the two parties. Your consent is also requested to provide your details and/or the vehicle rental contract itself to the competent authorities and/or the Public Administration, for the purpose of processing possible traffic complaints and/or any responsibility deriving from the contract. 


Any disputes that arise between the rental company and the renter shall be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of Palma de Mallorca.

These conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the version written in Spanish. el arrendatario quedarán sometidas a los Juzgados y Tribunales de Palma de Mallorca.

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